high security features



Equipped with advanced in-built WiFi SoC, which means you will get immediate notifications for the authenticated usage and alerts for the unauthenticated usage.

Sensor Fusion

Any unauthenticated attempts, such as

⦁ Even a small vibration in the attempt of breaking the locker.
⦁ Even a degree of change from its original position.
⦁ High temperature variations in the attempt of breaking the locker

Will be detected immediately and notified thus you can easily prevent theft or burglary before it happens.

Unique Locking Mechanism

Our patent-pending unique mechanical number lock + mechanical key will give the highest security for your valuables. Even if someone duplicates the mechanical key it is not possible to open the locker because of this unique locking mechanism.

3 - Way Authentication

3 - Way Authentication

V SAFE is smart enough to identify the user in all the 3 possible ways.

Authentication Method

  • Knowledge (what the V SAFE owner knows, e.g., PIN, password)
  • Possession (what the V SAFE owner has, e.g., Phone, hardware token)
  • Inherence (what the V SAFE owner is, e.g., facial recognition, fingerprints)

Proximity Only Access

V SAFE technology has been carefully coded in such a way that the locker can be accessed only when you are in the proximity range of the V SAFE and it gives an extra security and avoids hackers to access the locker.

Proximity Only Access