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Model Name Height in mm Width in mm Depth in mm
V SAFE Mini350400300
V SAFE Maximum500400300
V SAFE Maximum500400300
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Shipping & Warranty

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Have questions about buying V SAFE?
Have questions about buying V SAFE?
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Free Delivery


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V SAFE Bolts


V SAFE mechanical key

2 Mechanical Key


Loaded With High Security Features

This high-tech device is packed with advanced digital features that can keep your precious items safe and secure.

Equipped with Advanced Controllers & Sensors

You can safeguard your valuables even in your absence.

1 Anti-theft Sensors
2 Advanced wireless SoC
3 Digital Key
4 Double locking mechanism
5 Auto door eject
6 Automatic interior lights
7 Proximity only access


A Key which Mobile

Your Mobile is Your Digital Key. Never worry about losing your locker key again, because you will never need one! With a simple tap of a button on your smartphone, you can access your locker and your personal belongings anytime.


Designed for entire family

Our locker’s patented design features an individualized locking system that contains up to 4 digital keys. This ensures that everyone in the family has access to their items.

Highest Security Standards

V SAFE using double encryption method AES -256 and SSL , So it is almost impossible to hack your PIN.

We are leveraging your mobile phone advanced finger print and camera and our algorithm to authenticate the users.

SOS Code

V SAFE provides a SOS PIN that you can use to quickly alert your emergency contact when you’re in a tough situation.

*Lockdown mode will be enabled if an incorrect PIN code was entered 3 times.


Long Battery Life

With V SAFE, you’ll enjoy a battery life of up to 180 days*, powered by regular AA batteries. This means you can keep your belongings secure without having to worry about changing batteries frequently.

What you can secure?

V Safe Secure

V SAFE Mini Box Dimensions W x D x H: 15.7 x 11.8 x 13.7 inches (400mm x 300mm x 350mm) mm are exact

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Product Name V SAFE Godrej Ozone Yale Amazon Basics
Digital Key
Unique Locking Mechanism
Tamper Alert
SoS Code
3 Way Authentication
Proximity Only Access
Zero UI
Auto Door Eject
Auto Interior Light

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    5 out of 5

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